Organoboron Chemistry: Applications in Organic Synthesis, Biology, and Materials (#100)

There has been a tremendous resurgence of organoboron chemistry in the new millenium. Continued interest has been fueled in large part by new fields of applications and new developments in the chemistry of boronic acids and their many derivatives such as boronic esters and organotrifluoroborate salts. This symposium will highlight recent developments in a wide range of established and emerging research topic areas at the interface of organic, inorganic, and biological chemistry: (1) synthetic methodology based on transition metal-catalyzed reactions of organoboron intermediates; (2) development and uses of boron-based catalysts and reagents; (3) study of novel organoboron species such as carbene-borane complexes, borenium intermediates; (4) design and applications of boron compounds in chemical biology and medicinal chemistry; and (5) design and applications of boron compounds in materials science.
Last update: Dec 28, 2015